11th Sunday of the Year Year C

It’s the time of the year when we put our young people through sheer Hell. Public exams! 

We have developed our educational systems and refined them to the point that learning in our schools is a fun, stimulating and confidence boosting experience. Gone are the days, thank God, that we have to force them to learn by rote, to-day’s teachers inspire, giving the young experiences they will never forget.

Those systems are rigorously checked by Inspections. On a regular basis the assessment of schools and their teachers are measured against agreed standards to ensure that good progress is made.

But then, rather than trusting their teachers’ judgement and assessment, the Government puts students through the trauma of exams.

And what a burden it is for them. So much pressure is heaped on them that all the confidence that has been nurtured and developed in the young people over 14 years in our school system can be devastated by an iffy RE exam on a clammy Thursday morning in June.

Remember our young people at this time. They are so full of hope, so excited about the contribution they can make to the World, they don’t deserve to be under such uncontrollable pressure. Remember, too, their families who have to walk on eggshells for so long. Being a care filled parent has its moments!!!

Just a thought!