Ascension of the Lord Year C

It’s the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord and, though it may feel a little flippant, I get the urge to wave!

I often take people to the airport. I suppose it is something I love to do. I love airports and the thought that people are all excited going on their holidays. I would hate the thought that right at the beginning of their trip getting themselves and their baggage to the airport might be a nightmare, so I’m often the volunteer.

Once checked in, there is always that moment when people don’t quite know what to do. They want to be off and get through security so it is a quick goodbye and away they go.

In Terminal 2 at Manchester those heading off go up an escalator, and we wave them off, and then its along a long corridor towards security. This corridor must have 10 sets of windows in it and the urge to wave as they pass every window is addictive. Waved to death, off they go on their trip.

Was that what the Apostles did as the Lord ascended into Heaven? Did he kiss his Mother before He left? Where was Joseph in all this, long forgotten or already with the Father?

Often there are tears at an airport as families leave one another only to be reunited in two to three weeks.

We wave goodbye because we are a small but significant part of the journey but we always do that with the confidence that soon we will see them again.

Just a thought!