The Most Holy Trinity Year C

One of the many arrogances of the human condition is the need to rationalise everything, to have an explanation why every action happens and to have some control over cause and effect. That’s why, over many many years theologians have spent hours trying to prove the existence of God. Trying to rationalise the unexplainable so as to try to have an explanation for those who do not believe. What we end up with is more confusion and encouragement for those who do not believe to entrench their position.

The fact is that God and God’s ways are not something that we can explain, they are the things of wonder. We look, we experience we just marvel at the ways of God, or we wait patiently for the wonder of God to be revealed.

Trinity, therefore, is not our way of trying to understand God, it is God’s way of showing us that wonder we search for. 

That is why our response should be about gratitude. It is the unsolicited gift that arrives without any expectation, the confidence booster that lifts us from doubt, love that makes us feel loved.

In Trinity, God demonstrates that overwhelming and unconditional love that is God’s gift. Nothing is left to chance. The parenthood of God, our experience of Jesus and the inspiration of the Spirit is our reassurance of just how much we are loved.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, the God who is and was and always will be.

Just a thought!