3rd Sunday of Easter Year C

It’s all very well, celebrating the reality of the Lord’s Resurrection liturgically. The Prayer of the Church and the pace of the celebrations help us along that path. But all too soon, it is back to the ordinary, the day to day tedium of keeping home and family together, the struggle we all have making sense of what is going on around us.

All this can so easily leave us with the unanswered question, what does Easter actually do for me to-day?

Needless to say, there is no answer to that thorny chestnut.

Because, while we might imagine that being Easter People puts us into a different league, protects us from the “weight of the World” and makes us idyllically happy, it doesn’t.

Being Easter people, though, does give us strategies to cope.

The World will always throw at us all sorts of burdens, our society drives the selfishness that makes for sickness, death happens!

But, as Julian of Norwich saw so clearly, we might so often feel overwhelmed by the day to day struggle, we may wonder how to cope, the absence of God might be the experience, but the reality is that none of this can “overcome” us.

Easter people have a confidence that God, somehow and somewhere, is with them. No challenge then is too great, solutions always found and all things turn out well.


Just a thought!