6th Sunday of Easter Year C

It seems to be an old adage that the good succeed while those who abuse and manipulate people and the system to their own advantage, fail. These days, it would appear that success isn’t focused on those who try to do what is right, rather on those who shout the loudest, make the most noise and tell whatever lies they want to tell to promote their own cause.

It is a sad world where antisemitism and the destruction of peoples pensions are still the order of the day.

Easter tells us something different!

Yes, there were so many in the story of Jesus’ passion that wanted their own way. Some wanted to make Jesus King, maybe so that they could enjoy his favours in their lives. Others worked to tell lies about him, his thoughts and words, lies that were ultimately to seal his fate. Jesus was an irritation to so many, they shouted the loudest and seemed to get their way. But not so!

No, the goodness of the Christ prevailed and it was Jesus who was to win in the end. His focus was on God’s love and that focus was to see him defeat the powers of sadness and make the goodness of God ours for the future.

His lasting gift was peace. Not the absence of “trouble, travail or disease” but the realisation that we will never be “overcome”.

And isn’t it good to see! Yes, people might think that they can get their own way at whatever cost to others, but good will always prevail, and we will,  ultimately, know the Peace of Heaven!

Just a thought!