5th Sunday of Easter Year C

I was really saddened to hear, this week, of the untimely and sudden death of Victoria Wood. There was something that set her apart from other stand up comedians that seemed to speak of an ordinariness, one who understood people and had the capacity to comment on what she saw. She was funny, clever and whimsical, the throw away lines the best of all. As one who avidly watches old episodes of Dinner Ladies and found her television play “Housewife, 49” so very moving, I will miss that unique sense of humour.

It take a lot of experience to understand people, to see the things that they do and have some understanding of the reasons why. It takes even more experience to be able to comment, not in a way that gives offence but rather helps people see the funny side of life, to stop taking themselves so seriously and realise that all are valued and each has a contribution to make.

The imperative in Jesus’ words in todays Gospel, require that self same understanding. The phrase “love one another” is not something that falls easily into our day to day experience of life. It is easy to love those we like, but so much more difficult with those we don’t.

That is why we can be judgemental, abrasive, self centred. It isn’t what people do that brings these emotions to the fore, it is our lack of understanding of why people act in the way they do. We so often look at the “what” and never even consider the “why”. 

Perhaps if we all took ourselves less seriously and learned to laugh more, we might find it easier to love others!

Just a thought!