4th Sunday of Lent Year C

The journey continues and the sand is relentless.

One of the biggest challenges that Jesus had to face up to, was his search for who He really was. In one temptation, Jesus sees all the Kingdoms of the World with a sense that this could all be his! For us this would lead to feelings of jealousy and resentment, challenges to our own security and self worth, the feeling that others have so much more and achieve so much more than we do! It shook even Jesus.

We live in a World where people want more than they have and spend days and nights dreaming about what might be.

This is the elder brother in to-days Gospel. He had such high hopes before his brother brought so much sadness to the family, decimated the estate and was still welcomed home with open arms. His resentmentleft him feeling inadequate and unwanted.

What is scary is that so many in our Society don’t like what they see in themselves, and would want to be someone other. So much energy is spent trying to be what we are not, with all the emotional energy that wastes.

The temptation of Jesus challenged his sense of self worth and security and his solution was Gethsemane where, with fear and trepidation, he willingly accepted just who he was and saw what he had to do.

Acceptance of ourselves is never easy, but it is what God wants of us. Loving others unconditionallyis the next step!

Just a thought!