5th Sunday of Lent Year C

One of the great moments of growth in our lives is the realisation that people, ourselves included, are allowed to make mistakes.

In some ways it comes as a bit of a shock at first, because, from childhood, we have been prompted to “behave”, “act sensibly”, “not to be silly”, and like many of those demands, nailed to our souls by parents and grandparents, they are hard to shift from our psyche into adult life.

That is why we carry round burdens, that can stifle our freedom,burdens that we see as guilt when often they are no more than embarrassment.

Isn’t it strange, recalling moments in our lives of success, moments when we have really altered others lives for the good, moments of real kindness, can be difficult.

But, those awful moments of embarrassment haunt us. We can wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat of panic, recalling every gut wrenching second of those moments that we have made dreadful mistakes, even from a long time ago. And while they haunt they punish!

The parents who discouraged moments of silliness were, probably, the same parents who held us in arms of love and whispered “don’t worry, it was all a mistake!”

That is the reassurance of the desert. Getting things wrong is OK! Putting things right is what is really important.

Just a thought!