3rd Sunday of Lent Year C

Our Lenten journey continues!

Time with the living love of Jesus should fill our lives with hope. Sharing God’s unconditional love should liberate that same love in our lives, and others should benefit.


That is maybe where we need to look. The prospect of enjoying the unconditional love of God is life changing for us. All the fears and insecurities seem so insignificant when we begin to glimpse at the wonder God offers to us.

But we can only fully appreciate what God offers if it is so life changing for us that it becomes life changing for others.

Given such a gift, we have to share it otherwise the gift is devalued.

The woman in the Gospel at the well had the bucket and it was Jesus asking her for a drink. We don’t really know from the story whether she shared what she had with Jesus, gave him water to quench his thirst. What they shared changed her life. 

God’s unconditional love and mercy is the greatest gift given to humankind, truly life changing. But it is given to us not to keep but to share, to give away as freely as it was given to us.

If we don’t share it changes nothing!

Just a thought!