1st Sunday of Lent Year C

Despite the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and the overwhelming pressure that the retail world places on people to mark to-day with lavish gifts, it is always good to tell people that we love them, love in all its hues.

But first we have to recognise that love in our lives and in other people and that is the work of Lent. That is just what Jesus discovered in Gethsemane, His unconditional love for all God’s people.

That is why our Lenten journey should not be one of deprivation but rather one of appreciation. A time, when we reflect on the love we have in our lives and appreciate those that make it grow.

Husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren. Spend time and think through all those relationships that make our life special and thank God for everyone of them.

If there are any that don’t make us smile, there might be some work to do. Try to put things right. You can’t force people to love you, but if the breakdown is of our doing, a little humility helps.

Outside of the immediate family, there are those friendships that keep us going. The support and care, the encouragement, understanding, inspiration, time that we share with one another. Where would we be without the knowledge that others are there for us. Be grateful and remember to tell those people why you are grateful.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a thought!