4th Sunday of the Year Year A

Isn’t it strange, with Christmas Day falling on a Sunday this year, it means that we still have a full week of Advent to go, a week of pressure, though, to remember everything we need to do before the day. While the thoughts of resting with God might now be a dream, there is still the chance that we can find some peace among the chaos that is the preparation.

Still, lets try! Advent offers so much and these next few days might just give us the opportunity.

For Mary and Joseph, these days could have spoken of peace, but were, no doubt, fraught with anticipation. Days filled with joy and moments of abject terror.

Mary must have had many days like that wishing that the day of Jesus’ birth would arrive. Can you imagine, that young vulnerable girl, waiting to have her first baby no doubt confused and distracted by what it all could mean for her and for her future.

Its a bit scary really, for Mary. Those days up to the birth, filled with wonderful dreams, excitement and distracted by waves of fear and terror.

Joseph must have been strong. His role was to stand by her and look on, to support her and no doubt be a buffer for her insecurities.In all likelihood, he was even more confused by all that had gone on.

But there was always the reassuring message of the Angel and the anticipation of her pregnant love.

Mary, Mother of God, Joseph her spouse, pray with us. Calm all our confusions and uncertainties. As you bring the Christ into the World may we share the fullness of his love.  

Just a thought!