3rd Sunday of Advent Year A

Advent week 3. Somehow we should have found ourselves deeper and deeper into the the Mystery of God. Sadly, that seems to be an aspiration not a reality.

For once it isn’t endless Carol Services and Nativity plays that are requiring attention. Advent seems a little longer this year with Christmas Day on a Sunday. This last week, though, has had the hue of the secular with my patience stretched chasing up loss adjustors, sound technicians, and undertakers.

Sat on my desk is a pile of unwritten Christmas Cards, something I really must address, if you pardon the pun! The Cards, for me, are the best part of Christmas. That opportunity to be reminded of the people who are special, those we don’t see too often. In essence that is lovely, and I do enjoy receiving cards frompeople I have not heard from for a while, I love sending greetings to special people. But why does it all take over so quickly, why does Advent seem so short?

By the end of the week, this 3rd week of Advent begins to point us to Jesus’ birth. From the message of the Angel to the Stable, the Advent liturgy tries to remind us that, by resting in God, God rests in us. While the stories surrounding the Nativity are endearing they show us a harsh reality.

God becomes human, and humanity takes on the responsibility of becoming that God for the peoples of the World. There, is the harsh reality. Humanity with it’s innate “sense of inadequacy” has the responsibility to show the face of the Christ to others.

That’s exactly why we need a good Advent!   

Just a thought!