1st Sunday of Advent Year A

The First Sunday of Advent welcomes in a new liturgical year, and, as with any new beginnings, the opportunity to make a fresh start. Advent takes us deep into the reality of God’s love. As we look to celebrate this fabulous season of the year, we need to take ourselves back to our roots.

Our roots are found in the simplicity of God’s creation. The reality that God made us in God’s own image and likeness, so that we can enjoy being that part of God’s love that touches humanity.

The trouble is, in our sophisticated World, with its ambition and need to succeed, people are so driven by the attractions of the secular World that they lose sight of one fundamental reality. We are nothing without God!

This recognition that everything we are, that we think we have and we might achieve, is all gift, all from God. In some ways this should make us feel vulnerable in these sophisticated times, but it is always a comfort.

That is why we need to let go of the future and the past to concentrate on the present moment. For Advent is about the now in our lives and in this one, unique, moment in time, we so need to learn to appreciate the overwhelming and unconditional gift of God’s love. There has been a lot of talk about the mercy of God in these past months, but it is all God’s love in the end.

But that takes time, it asks us to free ourselves from distraction, but those Advent moments are really special.

The Christmas party season will be on us soon enough. Don’t let Christmas spoil Advent!

Just a thought!