33rd Sunday of the Year Year C

I am sure that many of us have relatives who have died, a victim of war. So to-day we celebrate Remembrance Sunday. We remember those whose lives have been lost as a consequence of war, and pray that such terrible events in history will never be relived again.

Such remembrance has two faces. There are those whose family members were lost in war, those who fought and those who were the innocent victims of conflict. That remembrance is very personal and focused on individuals.

There is that other remembrance, though, that is about such conflict in general and its specific consequences. It is about the rights of individuals to live in freedom and peace, to have the resources to feed a family and sustain a home. It is the fight against injustice, the struggle of the poor against the rich. It is everything that stifles Humanity. 

We call to mind the people who have died and we make a resolution that such horror must never happen again.

But it has and continues to happen. That is why so many are fleeing from their homes frightened for their lives, the refugees, migrants and asylum seekers we pray for on a daily basis.

Lest we forget, the most powerful gift we share is Christ’s love and the most destructive weapons we have available are the lack of forgiveness, tolerance and understanding that people fail to use on a daily basis.

Just a thought!