28th Sunday of the Year Year C

As a Parish, we are beginning to look again at the Sacrament of Confirmation as we prepare to invite a number of our young people to take up the invitation offered to them and make the bold step to ask for this Sacrament.

It is a Sacrament of inspiration, a Sacrament that empowers us and encourages us to listen carefully to that quiet voice of God and respond to the challenge that God, on a daily basis. But it is a challenge so often stifled by the chaos Society creates in the World.

Every day of our lives is filled with possibilities, the potential to change the World and bring God’s love into the lives of people. But every day is equally spoiled by the selfishness, pride and greed that can clog our lives and distract us from appreciating that “still small voice of God”, challenging us to heroism.

Big problem, heh!  

Needless to say, if our World wasn’t so self destructive, if we weren’t so busy, if we had more time to think about others and less time to worry about ourselves, how much better life would be for all of us.

Inspiration, that’s the answer.

Do as Mary and the Apostles did. Lay down the fears and doubts, the day to day concerns, the clutter that is so destructive. Watch, wait and listen and the gifts of the Spirit will be yours.

God speaks to us often, challenging us to bring love into the World. Find the time to listen, the courage to respond and what a difference we will make!                             

Just a thought!