31st Sunday of the Year Year C

Saints or sinners, we love them, especially those from our own family or circle of friends! 

That’s family life for you, hopefully a tolerant and understanding, even forgiving, environment where the peccadilloes of its members are remembered with kindness. That is not, though, the experience of everyone. For some, family life speaks of brokenness and hurt.

So, while death will always have its sadness, that sadness can bring back memories happy and sad.

Both All Saints and All Souls bring to life for us, those in our families who have died, and with hope we share their home in Heaven. 

Isn’t it lovely to be able to sit for a moment and bring their faces to mind, to think through the times we had with them and remember them with love. Even if this exercise is painful for you, for loss has its pain, it is good to remember because in remembering we love, and love brings us close. 

But, isn’t it important, too, to bring to mind those that we have known and didn’t love, who have died. So often the sadness and pain in our relationships comes about through a lack of understanding. Had we all realised, things might have been different. 

When we read the names on our November Lists, those names should make us smile. 

Maybe now is the time to put wrong things right, if we can, in our human relationships in case there are regrets in the future.

Just a thought!