30th Sunday of the Year Year C

Fr Jean Vanier, a Canadian priest and founder of the L’Arche communities writes: 

“Each human being, however small or weak, has something to bring to humanity. As we start to really get to know others, as we begin to listen to each other's stories, things begin to change. We begin the movement from exclusion to inclusion, from fear to trust, from closedness to openness, from judgment and prejudice to forgiveness and understanding. It is a movement of the heart”.

The Gospel challenge to each of us is to find that level of respect for all of humanity, to see the goodness in all so we can share that goodness with all.

As Easter People we need inspiration not simply to see a way forward but, if we are to be the Easter Jesus for others, we need to hear what is wanted of us.

That’s why we need to focus on listening, not simply with our ears, but with all our senses. We need to listen to what others are saying to us, look at how situations pan out in our daily lives and appreciate the emotional input we all make to any situation. We need to understand where others are coming from and learn to see the good in their opinions. 

We need to be open enough to make the changes in our lives that lets God in.

Theology comes to us from some strange sources. From Aquinas to Harry Potter there is something rich for all if only we are prepared to listen.

 Just a thought!