4th Sunday of the Year Year C

I suppose, of all the emotions that pass through our lives on a regular basis, one of the most destructive is the ability that we have to take offence. Somehow, we have that capacity and it touches any and all of our life’s experience. We can take offence at people, at the things they say, we can be infuriated when things don’t go our way, when there is change that we do not like. There is not much that doesn’t cause offence.

But it doesn’t stop here, for not only are we easily offended, so easily we give offence to others. 

The sad thing is that either in the giving or the taking, there is little intent either way. What happens happens, often with no previous forethought and so often deep regret.

The impact is a lack of trust and the destruction of hope. Individuals close in on themselves to defend their position. They doubt the word of others, doubt their actions, doubt that there is any goodness present. 

Taking offence, of course, is about ourselves and the way we react. It is about the attitudes and prejudice we hold and our inability to see goodness in every situation.

The solution is about building on the trust that God gives us. That even in the most difficult of circumstances, we try to have hope and see God in what is offered to us.

Before it is too late, don’t let us join the group of people wanting to throw Jesus off the cliff.

Just a thought!