3rd Sunday of the Year Year C

Flicking through the Times I can see a wealth of sadness in the World and little to cheer. The headlines grabbing attention refer to an American Presidential Candidate who allegedly holds views that would make the Founding Fathers shudder, a Russian President who allegedly condones a rather brutal way of dealing with dissidents and a £33M Lottery Ticket that might well have been destroyed in a washing machine.

What is more horrific than all that, is the absence of any report about the on-going plight of migrants and refugees fleeing the war in Syria. The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

“ A five-year-old child and two women died from hypothermia on the Greek island of Lesbos on Wednesday. Twelve bodies were found on Turkey's western coast on Thursday after a boat carrying migrants bound for Greece capsized. At least eight migrants including two children drowned when another wooden boat capsized north of the Greek island of Kalolimnos early on Friday”. 

The ongoing story highlighted the terrible plight of these people where 800 people in 20 boats risked treacherous seas and icy water this week to find freedom in Greece.

Have these desperate people been forgotten by Society ? Does their daily struggle deserve to be sidelined ?

This quote from the Red Cross is poignant: 

“Death should not be the result of a basic human desire to live in safety and find a future.”

Just a thought!