The Epiphany of the Lord Year C

We live in a World that constantly questions, searches for answers, and looks to find solutions to every problem. The trouble is that, for so many, the solutions and the answers have to make us comfortable, support the way we want to live out our lives and never challenge.

For so many, cosy and comfy is the order of the day!

But life is not like that and the things we hold dear, the principles that order our lives are never set in stone. Being open to change, accepting challenge and looking with different eyes is to have the trust that God will always want us to see not with our eyes but with God’s.

That is why the child in the manger is such a powerful image of God’s love. It speaks to a World that uses weapons of war to get people to conform, that puts burdens on peoples shoulders and demands human standards. 

Bethlehem shows us that gentleness and tenderness is the way. It challenges us to be open to things that are new and different and not to cling to the familiar.

Whoever visited that stable must have come away confused, unsure and questioning. 

Not having all the answers, being open, listening and trying to understand is the message of Bethlehem. Doing that with a tender heart leads us into the ways of God and brings the Christ into every situation.

Just a thought!