2nd Sunday of the Year Year C

As we start another journey through the liturgical year, in lots of ways, we need to find the spirit of gratitude in our life’s experience. God is present in the joys and sorrows of our day to day experience, God is in the elation and in the frustration and only by finding that presence will we find the strength to carry on and the hope to enjoy. But there is so much that we see and experience that clouds the hope and stifles the excitement.

Ordinariness brings with it routine, which is really the building blocks of our day to day lives. That is what gets us up in the morning, moves us to do the things that we need to do and brings us home in the evening. 

But it can be destructive, especially when we are distracted by the sense that the “grass is greener” for others, destroyed by the bitterness and hatred we see in society today, and left wondering why we bother.

But we do bother and that is where the gratitude is to be found. How often in those routine ordinary days do we do the little bit extra, try to make someone feel better, improve things in our own small and familiar World? How often are we genuinely moved by the horrific situations others find themselves in, caring for people far from us whom we will never meet?

Doing the best we can in the ordinary, even when that best might not be good enough, brings God to people. The care filled thought, the moment of concern, changes an angry world. For that we can be truly grateful.

Just a thought!