14th Sunday of the Year Year B

Horrible things happen in our World and in our own experience, and it can be really difficult to see past the horror to appreciate a wider picture that is God’s love.

So often, of course, when these things we see as horrible impact in our lives, we react with little positive feeling and inevitably we point the finger of blame. After all, someone has to be held accountable for damage done as our own sense of injustice builds up hatered, fear and intolerance in our lives.

Even God gets the treatment. How many people have given up the practice of their religion because of the sickness experienced by a family member, sickness in the World particularly in children, because of war, famine and greed. 

The great faiths of the World get similar treatment. The Jewish religion written off because of Sionism, Muslims condemned because of Isis, even the Church of England because of their bold step in ordaining women Bishops!

But, what we fail to appreciate is the responsibility that each of us has for the sin and selfishness of a World much loved by God. Isn’t it so much easier to point a finger of hatred at God or at vague groupings of people rather than seeing the problems in our own lives.

The selfishness of our own lives may not seem to be that dangerous until we add it to that of others. What a powerful and potent force that becomes so destructive of the life and love of God.

Let us make the World a little better this week, by accepting our responsibility for damage done. Every little bit of our selfishness helps the horrible to grow.

Just a thought!