17th Sunday of the Year Year B

My sister and Brother in law flew in to Liverpool last Friday to join me in my Jubilee celebrations.


Their flight was delayed and what was a late arrival, 2300hrs, became even later 00.20hrs! Very frustrating made worse when the Costa Express coffee machine in the Spar in Arrivals was broken and, at that time of night, there is nowhere else in Liverpool Airport where you can have a drink. Welcome to Liverpool Heh!

That meant a long sit in a dismal arrivals hall watching the board announce the delivery of more passengers.

Despite the late hour, it is really quite entertaining. There are groups of excited people, some with homemade banners with funny and sometimes slightly risqué sentiments. There are balloons and children who should have been in bed hours ago. All are waiting to greet, welcome and celebrate the arrival of someone who is special.

And then there is the moment of the arrival, the doors into the area automatically open and there is a slight delay, a moment of tension. And then they appear! People run to greet them, there are kisses and cuddles and the air of excitement is tangible.

There are lots of special people in our lives, some more special than others. But there is always the danger that we take them for granted, we get used to one another and we fail to share the importance of those people in our lives.

We don’t need to meet them in an Airport to remind us of that fact. Sometimes we simply need to stand back and be grateful. We are who we are because others help to make our lives and our World special. 

Just a thought!