16th Sunday of the Year Year B

The Gospel imagery of the shepherd and sheep may well be something outside our personal experience, but it paints a realistic picture. 

Go on the school yard any playtime and see the melee going on around the children, it is loud, fast and furious. Energy to spare! But when a class teacher emerges into the centre and calls her class, it only takes one or two of the children to hear and respond and then, one by one, the rest follow. The rest of the children carry on as before, uncontrolled joy!

The problem is that in the well defined context of school, that works, but in other environments confusion reigns.

There are so many voices calling people today, young and mature, voices that can be very attractive, even enticing, that appear sound, sensible even morally right. Loud voices that state their case, get their points across and lead people down slippery slopes.

These are the voices of addiction, of selfishness and greed, voices that lack compassion, sensitivity or understanding. Voices of violence, homophobia, racism. Voices that accuse, that judge and that sentence.

They may be loud, attractive to some and even compelling, but they are not the voice of the true shepherd. 

The “still small voice of God” maybe quiet but it is persistent. We just have to listen carefully to hear what God wants of us. If you are unsure, God never speaks to us about ourselves, always about others. Washing feet puts us on the right track!

Just a thought!