15th Sunday of the Year Year B

So, the Summer Holidays have arrived and, as our schools close, families are thrown together for 6 long weeks.

For some families, this is such a lovely time, long days without the pressures of getting everyone up and out on time, the warmth of current summers and the sound of fun and laughter as the children get to enjoy themselves.

But that is not true for everyone, these holidays can make for a very long Summer!

To-day, where families have work, they often have to juggle shifts to make sure that there is someone with the children through these long weeks. Nans and Grandads, Aunts, uncles, big sisters and brothers can all be brought into the fray. Just look on the road between Moreton Cross and Leasowe Shore to see whose turn it is to-day to have the children.

It is a logistic nightmare for some families, and where there no work a financial burden.

And the thought of “going away”, while for some is attractive and exciting, for others it is so expensive, a real drain on limited resources.

Don’t get me wrong. Holidays are important, spending time as a family is precious and for many it builds happiness. 

Just be aware that it can, and does, bring pressure on family life, frustration in some homes.

Keep an eye open for your neighbours, Summer can be lonely for young and old alike.

Just a thought!