Ss Peter & Paul

I suppose, when we think about these formidable saints, our thoughts wander towards Rome and all that is Roman about the church. But in many ways, this is not the point of the feast.

Right at the beginning of St Matthew’s Gospel there is laid out a Genealogy of Jesus Christ. Name after name is mentioned many of whom are obscure. It is divided into three sections and it is the middle section that is significant here.

In the kindest of terms these men can be described as incompetents and it is for that reason that they seem to be included in the Genealogy. Jesus has many people, less than glorious, less than capable, in his list of antecedents.

Peter, the one who denied knowing Jesus, the incompetent fisherman, who was not there when Jesus needed him. Paul the persecutor. These are the saints held up to us today.

They speak loudly to us about our mistakes, our omissions, our incompetence, our lack of self worth. 

And the message, Jesus values us, uses us, puts us in places of honour even though we get things wrong.

So never drown in feeling of unworthiness. God sees you and all your mistakes as very much worthy!

Just a thought