12th Sunday of the Year Year B

Choppy waters are the stuff of our everyday experience. When you think things are going well there will often be stuff to challenge that. The problem is that no matter how content and happy we feel, its the. choppiness that can be so destructive. We go from bliss to darkness in a moment.

The darkness, though, is often the product of a vivid imagination. We lose sight of reality, lose touch with the goodness we know and move into a world of insecurity.

How easily we slip into anxiety mode. Quickly we paint pictures in our heads that begin to build. What starts as something simply going wrong can build in our minds into something of a disaster. How will we cope, will there ever be an end to this, how will we survive? People can literally worry themselves to death.

The anticipation is the destructive part, the sense that we are on our own in this, a nightmare.

But He is only asleep, God has not, will not leave us alone. Always there for us, always has been and always will be.

That is why, in those darker moments we do have to take a step away from the “what might be” to  refocus on the “what is”. 

The truth is that we are coping and we always have coped. Why? because the love of God makes sure we do. Yes we can know hard times but that love sees us through, and one day we will, again, look back on the fuss with a smile.

Just a thought!