The Body & Blood of the Lord Year B

To-day’s feast of the Body and Blood of Christ is another staging post between the wonders of our Easter celebration and that time that is designated Ordinary Time, which we know to be far from ordinary.

Being that Easter Jesus, for us, is both an aspiration and a reality. 

We hear, week on week, the challenges of the Gospel, Jesus’ encouragement to go out to those who need us and give them God’s love.

It is finding that sense of worth, that incredible trust that allows us to risk being that Easter Jesus in a World so hungry for love.

That is why we celebrate Eucharist, that is why we try, in all we do, to “do this” as Jesus asked us to do, wash feet!

Feeding on Eucharist is the means to that end. Here all our doubts and feelings of inadequacy are calmed by this food from God. here we eat and drink, food for that journey, here, as St Augustine reminds us, “we become what we receive”.

Going to Mass, our Sunday “obligation” can be a social experience, a time of prayer, the fulfilment of a promise. We put ourselves into God’s hands so that he can use ours to build the Kingdom.

But, as we are so often reminded, feeding is never enough, never the reason we celebrate Mass. Feeding is the means to an end, the opportunity to give away what we receive and so change our World and make it better.

Have you been the Easter Jesus this week???

Just a thought.