11th Sunday of the Year Year B

I have been bothered for a while by documents and statements issuing from various parts of the Church over recent months. In a way, it is all to do with the forthcoming Synod on Marriage and Family Life, and the need felt by various ecclesiastical bodies to be seen to be “towing the party line”. But is this the sole priority?

Are there not more serious problems in the World that we as a church should be shouting about. Jesus washes feet and wants us to play our part in that ministry. Everyday we meet the poor, what have we to offer?

Since the General Election I have also been inundated with emails from political parties asking about the direction politics should be heading. In particular I had one from Andy Burnham, as part of his campaign to become the Labour leader, asking what priorities should the Party have into the next 5 years.

As a church, as ordinary working people, what are those priorities?

The right to earn a living.

A living wage for all, so that families can put food on the table, heat their homes and feel that they have security into the future. Secure and safe accommodation.

A society that has respect, that doesn’t tolerate the abuse of human beings, be they young or older, male or female, of different faith, culture or sexual orientation.

A society that has concern, for those who struggle to cope in the world, those whose family life is broken, the lonely, those with mental health issues, those reliant on substances, the frightened.

Need more space really, but there is a beginning. Add yours!

Just a thought!