6th Sunday of Easter Year B

I didn’t get much sleep on Thursday night, stayed up watching, and hoping, the outcome of the Election.

In any election, there will be winners and losers, people will feel victorious, others deflated. People will stay in Office, others will feel the need to resign. 

But who are the winners and losers in this election, who will benefit and who will struggle? If there is an answer, deep down, there are no winners and we are all losers because the voice of the people is never heard.

That is the main problem with first last the post elections. Those who shout the loudest, whose political machine is the most efficient, who have the most financial backing will get the votes. The real issues, the real needs of ordinary people trying to keep home and family together are silenced by the cacophony of the hustings.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that your vote really counted. That can be true, at the moment, in places like Wirral West, but for most of us, we vote in the hope that we can make a difference but we know that so often we influence very little.

There are other ways of course, forms of proportional representation, where the mind-swell of the voting population is represented in the allocation of Parliamentary seats.

In a just World, those who care about the poor, the disenfranchised, social justice, human rights should be able to hear those views reflected in the debating voice in the House, a real influence that has impact on people.

Just a thought!