Trinity Year B

Trinity marks the transition between the wonderful season of Easter and the Inspiration of Pentecost and what is described in the Lectionary as the Ordinary Time of the year. I would love to find out who invented that image and what the criteria were for making such a judgement.

It is as if we can suddenly put down the things of Easter and get back to the day to day trek of life in the World, a little like coming back from holiday and heading back to work.

Unless the authors of the liturgy are very astute and see the link, the title Ordinary does not refer to the day to day, mind numbing at times, regularity and familiarity of our daily lot. 

This Ordinary time is about moving people from those mind numbing situations and moving them into lives that are hope filled. It is about using the Graces of Lent and Easter in a World that can, for some, seem starved of Jesus.

It is about being an effective Jesus in the World, caring, loving, healing, making difference to peoples lives, feeding them on the Eucharistic food that we have become.

And there is nothing ordinary about that! This is the stuff of “being” Jesus.

One of the Eucharistic Prayers asks that, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we might be kept “ aware of the signs of the times”. That is the normal response of Faith filled people.

Just a thought.