Pentecost Year B

The thing about modern transport is that its aim is to achieve its purpose by getting you where you want to go, safely and efficiently, while damaging the environment as little as possible. And rightly so.

In the future, we will no longer emerge from the garage forecourt stinking of diesel fuel, we will simply park up, plug in and wait for our batteries to be recharged. Mitsubishi is getting there, and are advertising a dual fuel vehicle capable of achieving 108mpg! To a geek like me this is fascinating.

There is, of course, a danger that we can begin to see inspiration like this, the building of the Holy Spirit in our lives as a convenient path to eternity. 

Like the modern car, perhaps all we need is simply to pull over for a short while, plug ourselves in to the Holy Spirit and wait until our Lithium Batteries are fully charged.

Doesn’t work like that, does it!

One secret though is gratitude. 

To enter into a relationship full of gratitude for the things that we have and experience in the World, turns inspiration into expectation. What else has God in store for me?? 

Even at our lowest, when our sense of worth has taken a pounding, cling on and be grateful for what we have. 

Plug in, thanking God for so many graces and we will be charged with love. The trouble is the expectation is that we travel the 108 miles to share that love with others!

Just a thought!