5th Sunday of the Year Year B

There are moments in our lives when we realise that we have got something completely wrong. 

Snap decisions, long held beliefs, rigid stances on points of principle, how right can we be, to the point of being pompous, arrogant and rude. It doesn’t matter how many people argue with us, there can be tears, cross words, people fall out, families can be divided, but right is right!! Until we realise that we are wrong.

That is when it gets really difficult.

People, of course, react in so many different ways. Some hold their hands up right away and do all they can to make the wrong right, others bury their heads in the sand and hope no one will notice. But so many stick to their guns even when, clearly, they are at fault.

Behind it all is prejudice. We get caught up in the attitudes of those around us, stirred up by the ingrained enthusiasms of those who, to us, seem to make sense, and that it is where it all begins.

Needless to say, prejudging people, situations, attitudes, is wrong. If we fail to value people for who and what they are, we are the ones who miss out. So often those we meet open our hearts to possibilities, open our lives to insights that we might never have considered, open us up to the things of God.

But we need to be open first, willing to listen, look and see.

The resolution to our arrogance might not be as dramatic as the Road to Damascus, but we walk that road every day and if we are open we might well see something life changing.

Just a thought!