2nd Sunday of Easter Year B

Easter passes us by very quickly, so quickly that there doesn’t even seem an opportunity for a post-Easter sale, in the shops, of Easter cards, eggs and bunnies and other Easter fun items!! For so many it is the opportunity of time away from work and maybe the opportunity of a family get together.

But it is really sad if that is it, if Easter has so little impact in the lives of so many.

But that is where you and I come in. For we are the believers, even if we do not fully understand the finer theological nuances. We are the believers who know that Jesus has made such a difference and that Heaven today is open to all. 

The women at the tomb were the first to know this fact and they were told to go to Galilee where they would see Jesus again.

Galilee is the symbol of the first beginnings of Jesus’ ministry, and in this message those first believers where charged with getting back to basics and in the simplicity of their lives, to show the face of the Risen Christ to people. 

To preach the Risen Jesus effectively is to show the world, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and love. In our sophisticated World it might be simple, but that shares the Easter Jesus!

Just a thought!