3rd Sunday of the Year Year B

The weekend readings, at first sight, are a nightmare for the preacher trying to develop the desert experience. It all seems to be so restrictive whereas the prayer so far has been liberating. God's love brings Noah through his "ark" experience, Isaac a much relieved young man [ shame for the tangled ram!].

But to believe in a God whose love is absolute, who loves all equally and unconditionally, is to see the 10 commandments not as stumbling blocks on the way to God's wrath.  Rather we should realise that these and so many other positive reactions to the challenges that life throws at us, are a positive response. This is how we want to live in gratitude for the love that God shares with all of us, constantly.

If we get things wrong, God's love doesn't alter, we just have to be more grateful and try a little harder. Ethics follow naturally for us when truth, beauty and love are properly applied.

It might not make sense to us, but the reality of God's eccentric unconditional love is really what keeps us going.

Julian of Norwich describes God " sitting in heaven smiling, completely relaxed, his face looking like a marvellous symphony". What an image!

Just a thought