5th Sunday of Lent Year B

One of the great journeys of faith is Trust, and without Trust we must find it so hard to journey with Faith.

Having the focus of the reality of God’s unconditional love as a driving force in our lives is, for most of us an ambition. We all want to feel loved, we need people to tell us that we are loved, we crumble in situations where we feel antagonism. But in searching for that love we have to take the knocks that our society throws at us and cope with the overwhelming sense of unworthiness that, rightly or wrongly, we carry.

But in recognising our weaknesses, our mistakes, the faults and failings, the last thing that we should ever do is to is to give in to them. That is where we enter into that downward spiral where we lose sight of hope and attract despair.

Trust is the healing friend. Trust in the reality that God never leaves us, never turns away from us, is always there waiting for us to turn the death of self concern into the life of new hope. 

It is only when we have the courage to make the journey that the Prodigal Son made, to walk the path to recovery, acknowledging our weakness, faults and failings, even for all the wrong reasons, that we find this hope. 

And it relies on Trust. The Trust that our God is there waiting for us and that his love heals.

Richard Rohr reminds us that: 

“God does not love us because we are good, God loves us because God is good”.

Just a thought!