5th Sunday of the Year Year B

I cannot imagine for one moment that Peter’s Mother in Law would have been best pleased to find her house filled with strangers. To make matters worse, she was in bed with a fever and no doubt felt dreadful, would have been concerned that the house was not in the good order that she aspired to on a daily basis and probably was miffed about the invasion of her privacy.

Amid the commotion, wouldn’t you just have loved to be a fly on the wall, when, with great affection and enthusiasm, Peter burst into the lady's bedroom to declare that Jesus was here, in her house. She might have been ill but she had her pride and no doubt Peter got the benefit of a few well chosen words.

The work of all Baptised peoples is to make Jesus’ love available. It is about creating a World in which Jesus can touch needing people with healing and a World of gratitude for those possibilities.But don’t we have to be careful. When people have sickness or are trying to cope with the sickness of others, the helping hand, word of encouragement, sound advice can all jangle the nerves of those who are struggling.

Who knows how long it was before Jesus held that lady’s hand, but he was there and often that is enough. Our prayer, the odd candle and our day to day kindness makes that possible. Jesus will do the rest.

Just a thought!