2nd Sunday of Lent Year B

Our desert experience has the intention of bringing us closer to God. It is about putting ourselves at risk, allowing that which is vulnerable in our lives to be tested, and risking those things that we hold dear, those aspects of our lives that we “know” we need, our popularity and self esteem.

But what it is not about is us, you and me, making those changes in our lifestyles, rather it is about having the trust to let God do that for us.

Because the changes that we might choose to make will always be cosmetic, probably not to inconvenient and from the familiar. God, on the other hand, knows exactly what we need to grow and redirects our day to day experience in ways that we could never imagine would make a difference. 

We might give up sugar, God wants us to change so radically that we become something different.

That is the journey we need to make, into the unfamiliar. A journey of trust and hope. It is not a place we need to go to, it is a matter of being close to the God who is always close to us. 

That is the true journey. Not dashing here and there, not looking and searching. Simply knowing that God is near. 

That, of course, can be hard. It is far too easy for us to feel distant from God, unworthy of that love. But truth is a stark reminder.

Even Jesus had his doubts, but his encounter shone for all to see.

Just a thought!