1st Sunday of Lent Year B

I don’t know if you have ever landed in a hot foreign country, stepped out of the plane onto the tarmac and felt a wall of heat. It is an extraordinary experience where something invisible to the naked eye can have such a powerful physical affect on us. No matter how rushed you might feel, how under pressure you are, the heat simply slows us down and the focus in our lives moves from the day to day concerns to finding somewhere cool to sit down.

That is the Jesus experience to-day, a desert that will change him!

In the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives, our emotions swing like a pendulum. One minute we couldn’t be happier, the next we are completely thrown. Problems can touch us for just a moment, they can be a burden we carry round with us for years.

Joys or sorrows though, they take over the focus and can blind us from seeing what we really need to see.And that is where the sand and the sun have their importance for us just as they did for Jesus.

His focus was meant to be on reconciling us to the Father, but so many other things were his day to day experience. Doubt, criticism, insecurity, hatred, physical threat, disloyalty, deception and so much more were the day to day emotions he had to face. 

Getting away, being embraced by the heat, silence and monotony of the desert refocused Jesus and set him on the road to Gethsemane.

Given the chance it can do the same for you and me. 

Find some space this Lent.

Just a thought!