6th Sunday of the Year Year B

I’m sure that not all the Christmas decorations have yet found their way back to their store cupboards, packed away for yet another year. I’m sure, too, that for most people the memories of Christmas, good and not so good, are still vivid in our minds, with its joys, sorrows and excess. Only moments seem to have passed since we were facing the reality of another New Year wondering what it would bring us all.

It must be an age thing, that days, months can pass and feel like moments in our experience.

So what has this New Year brought so far. For some new life, others the sadness of death. For one healing, another the burdens of sickness. For the young potential or dread, the old fulfilment or doubt. Days and months pass, moments in our experience.

But whatever our experience, right at the heart of everything that happens in our lives is the gift and Grace of God. Sometimes God seems so close to us in the eyes of new birth, so distant in the struggles of those we love. Always, God stays close, its you and me that create the distance.

Lent begins on Wednesday, yep so soon! The sand will be back, the desert experience not a frustration but an opportunity.  Draw God close: Let him easter in us, be a dayspring to the dimness of us, be a crimson-cresseted east.

Just a thought!