2nd Sunday of Advent Year C

How is the patience going, our Advent time of “mellowness” watching and waiting for the joy of the Lord to touch us with that tender kiss?

It is sooo busy, though, and all of us are put under pressure when the weather is so bad and we put off until tomorrow the thing we needed to do today.

But be patient! We can find those moments of peace, moments when we can reflect on the things in our lives now, regretting some and grateful for others.

What do we have that is special? It is always worth sitting and thinking an answer to that question. If they are people and relationships, think about them and how the make you feel. Feel the warmth, generate a smile and be so so grateful for the joy that touches each of us.

If it is sickness or old age that comes to mind, thank God for the people who help, for the science of medicine trying to help. If it is someone you care about, call to see them or ring them up. A happy caring voice can make all the difference.

If it is a problem that seems to have no solution, know that it will have. We might have to change, or others follow a different path. Just be open to God whose Grace always makes the difference.

That is the mellowness of Advent, because what ever is joy filled in your life, it helps us to appreciate, whatever is ‘not right’ can be put right.

Just a thought!