4th Sunday of Advent Year C

Whether it is that the schools seem to have closed earlier this year or just the fact that Christmas Day is on a Friday, but I seem to be miles behind with the preparations this year. The trees were only delivered yesterday, the script for the Children’s Mass on Christmas eve and morning written this morning and the search for all the bits of the crib and their decorations has yet to begin. But I hear, like the Magi from the east, Joan is journeying back this weekend and she knows where everything is!

Of course, none of that really matters, it would just be disappointing for people if the familiar things were not in place in our homes and churches.

What is so much more important is that we find time to make sure that the Christ child has a real and practical place in our homes this Christmas.

Presents, decorations, festive food and all the trimmings might well be important to the family, but knowing that you are loved is far more important. It is finding that reassurance again and again that make the real difference that Christmas can make.

So, the best preparation to make Christmas special is to hug someone that needs a hug, contact the people who might be feeling lonely, put something right that needs sorting and eliminate sadness from our home, family life and our own World.

Christmas is the unconditional love of God made visible. Find that love and feel the difference.

Just a thought!