3rd Sunday of Advent Year C

I was asked, during the week, about what we are really waiting for in this season of Advent, why all this patience!

We live in a World these days of instant solutions. From the warmth of our homes we can go on line, do the weeks shopping and have it in our kitchen cupboards later that afternoon, without taking off our slippers. And so much more, pay bills, order goods and services. I have even found a web site where you can have prayers said using a credit card!

So the imagery of patient waiting seems so pedestrian to the modern day life style. Or is it?

I don’t know about you, but having used on line supermarket shopping once, I have never used it again. I’m fussy, i like to look for the longest sell by dates on goods, I like to look at the produce I am buying, I like to be selective. 

Speed doesn’t always permit that and there is nothing better than spending a little more time taking in, handling and assessing that which I want to buy. You really have to consider what appears to be the best.

So to the waiting and the watching of Advent. Life is lived at that fast pace and it is good to step away from the hustle and the bustle to be a bit more considerate.

How often, when we think about things, do we realise that we might have done things better, made better choices. Only then can we put things right and let God be God in our lives.

Just a thought!