1st Sunday of Advent Year C

I thought that the traffic was busy yesterday as I went about my business looking for purple candles for our Advent Wreaths. Little did I realise that the phenomenon of “Black Friday” had touched our shores again and the big retailers were looking to attract buyers to their mega stores. According to the papers it was anticipated that over £2 billion would be spent online and instore yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I find that shocking, in the light of our appeal last week to feed the homeless on our streets.

And the attraction towards “festive fun” will continue to bombard us over the next few weeks.

Thank God for Advent, I say! Advent with its still, dark, restful, fallow time when we are encouraged to rest, watch and wait.

The thing about Advent that makes it special is that there is no specific aim, no concrete end product nothing that has to be done and finished.

It is a time when, of all the church seasons, we are encouraged not to take things on, there are no specific spiritual exercises.

Advent is time spent with ourselves, letting go of the distractions that we create, the guilts we carry, our fear for what the future might bring. It is letting God be God.

Last Sunday we were looking for truth, light, holiness, grace… Advent help us to realise that we have those gifts and always have had them. God is very close!

Just a thought!