4th Sunday of the Year Year B

This week saw the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the television has helped us, with some traumatic and vivid footage, to remember.

It is really important that we do remember, because it highlights for us the atrocious damage human beings can inflict on their fellow human beings simply because we are not all made the same. It was people who felt that they were superior who kindled the flames of hatred then, and continue to do so to-day.

Thank God, there are still men and women who survived the death camps to remind us of the horrors, where millions were exterminated because they were different. 70 years on there are few of those left and we pray that their legacy is that reminder.

But what is fearful, is the reality that such prejudice and discrimination is very much alive in our World to-day. The recent events in France, the slaughter of innocent human beings by Isis, even the rhetoric of the politicians preparing to fight an election on our fair shores, remind us of those facts.

Maybe we should all look at the ways we react to individuals or groups of people who come into our lives to-day, whether they live in our neighbourhoods or we see them on the television. Disliking people because they live lives different to our expectations is the first step on the road to Auschwitz!

When we have children Baptised, we promise to make our World better for them to grow up in. That demands of us a World free from prejudice and discrimination.

Just a thought!