3rd Sunday of the Year Year B

We can turn to others for help and advice, we can ask other people to intervene on our behalf, but none of this resolves the issue. Sometimes it makes things better for a while, a plaster on the wound, but none of this ever heals.

I don’t know about you, but when things are not going well in my life, I tend to retreat into myself. Often, all the emotions that have contributed to the malaise, come to the surface one after the other, anger, frustration, hurt, guilt, fear, doubt and on and on!

The hardest time, inevitably, is the dark hours when sleep is far from us. That time is so hollow, resonant, dark, oppressive. The thoughts and fears seem to dominate our those hours, the problem and the various solutions we think up, rehearsed over and over.

That we have to do ourselves, and that takes a great deal of courage. We need to face up to the demons in our own lives and be brutally honest with ourselves. That is the hardest part of any resolution. Accepting the fact that no matter how hurt we feel, we always play a part in the wrongs that affect us and we have to accept responsibility for that.

Then we have to face others! Someone has to make the first move, someone has to say sorry first, to offer a hand of reconciliation, a hug of healing.

In reality, that has to be you and me! Whether we are the injured party or the cause of conflict, we need to accept the wrongness of that hurt and try to put it right.

It was dark in the belly of the whale, but Jonah found the way forward.

Just a thought!