2nd Sunday of the Year Year B

After the 10.30am Mass last Sunday, one of the FCJ Sisters called me an angel for sitting next to the frightened teenager on the plane during the rough landing. While I am the last to recognise such activity in my own life, I have to admit that it does fall within my definition of Angelic Activity. God speaks to us in the most surprising ways and it is up to us really to be receptive to that voice.

Equally, God uses us in the most surprising ways and it is up to us to respond to the challenge.

That is why we need to clear our lives of clutter, bit by bit, to fine tune our systems so that we can see and hear when God intervenes in our lives or wants us to do that for others.

One of the jobs I did yesterday was to increase the memory in my computer from 2Gb to 8Gb. The geeks among you might think that is still pretty poor, but that is the best I can do.

It means that my computer is much more capable of running faster now, and perhaps will use its systems better to sort out my mail.

So so often, recently, good interesting and important emails have been dumped into my “spam” folder and so people waiting for replies were growing older waiting.

There was far too much rubbish cluttering the system so I was failing to see the good stuff, failing to do what I needed to do, what I was being asked.

We can learn a lot from science. De-clutter and the important things in our lives will get done!

Just a thought!