The Baptism of the Lord Year B

Getting back to normal can bring about a sense of satisfaction in our lives, unless the normal for us is not the place we want to be.

The decorations that took many hours to display, the festive fun done and dusted, family and friends returned to their own home lives. If it wasn’t for the wind there could be peace and quiet.

So what will 2015 bring for us this coming year, what can we look forward to, what will some people dread?

Babies will be born, new lives for families to cherish. Family life will have its day to day ups and downs, as ever was. The young will get older taking on more responsibilities, the not so young look forward to a bit of a rest from the day to day slog. Those we love will die.

All those things are true and timeless and they affect us all in different ways. The joys can overwhelm the sorrows, the sorrows the joys.

That is why it is so important to live in the present moment.

What has been, we cannot change. It might have its happy memories that linger or its pain that will not go away. The future can be rosy or it can be fear filled.

What the now has is the presence of God, the God who never leaves us, whose love is unconditional, who shows us the way forward.

When things are good, we celebrate with our God, when we struggle, God is there to help us.

Whatever happens this year, never lose that reassurance!

Just a thought!