19th Sunday of the Year Year A

The “still small voice of God”, so beautifully painted for us in the imagery of todays first reading, is something that we need to hear deep in our hearts. It is a voice that calls us into change and we really need to be open, every single day, to that possibility.

But our World is so noisy, our lives so busy that the gentleness of that voice so often passes us by without making its mark on us. We are so preoccupied

with so many emotions that run through our lives like a torrent, dragging us along in its wake. It drags us away from the “voice of God”.

Preoccupation is such a destructive force in our lives, it is so demanding of us, our time, our souls. Such a shame when all we ever need to do is stand at the entrance of the cave and listen.

So stop, just for a moment, stand and listen. See the World and its peoples without having to dash off, without the weight of fear and doubt, but with eyes of hope.

Pope Francis shows us a way:
“An evangelizing community is always concerned with fruit, because the Lord wants her to be fruitful. It cares for the grain and does not grow impatient at the weeds. The sower, when he sees weeds sprouting among the grain does not grumble or overreact. He or she finds a way to let the word take flesh in a particular situation and bear fruits of new life, however imperfect or incomplete these may appear”.

Just a thought!