20th Sunday of the Year Year A

The “still small voice of God”, so beautifully painted for us in the imagery of last Sunday’s 1st reading is and always will be active in our lives. It is a small voice, so we have to listen very carefully, but it is a voice of reassurance, a voice constantly reminding us to be “calm” to be “still” because the Christ is “with us”.  Such a reassurance should lead us towards Trust, the trust that no matter what, God is in our lives. That is pure gift. Gift moves us to Gratitude and gratitude to serenity.

That is how it is supposed to work, but we all struggle to hear that “Still small voice” and so we continue to react to those emotions that trouble, to the struggles we often face, to that sense of God’s absence when things are not going right for us each day.

So, how can we begin to appreciate more easily, more frequently, the God who dwells deep in our lives?

The imagery of the Gospel tells its story. The Canaanite woman is desperate, her daughter is struggling, probably psychologically, and she is at the end of her tether. Putting a plaster on a cut is easy. Watching someone you love deep in depression is destructive.

So, she does what a Mother would do, she seeks help, from anyone who would listen. Help that is focused on her daughter and seems to get nowhere. Only when that help is centred on the Christ is her wish granted.

Don’t bombard God with problems, turn with trust, ask for help but let the Christ find the solution.

Just a thought!